We wanted to close the gap between who we are & what we do. So we created the first gluten, grain & refined-sugar free fast casual chain.


CEO & Chief Foodie Office

How does she stay balanced? Journaling, spending time with fur babies & CrossFit/CycleBar and the mountains for hiking.

She’s most grateful for…? The funny way life works that leads you to exactly where you need to be today.

Favorite part of our mission? BEing able to offer a space for connection & care for our guests

Favorite value? Integrity. It’s a must. And it’s sexy.

Gobbles what menu item the most? Omg – this is hard. I love the W30 version of the DESIRED Chicken Ceasar & the PASSION with chicken & tortilla add-on!

I want customers to know…”That it is a deep desire inside me to make Just BE a place of connection, BElonging, nourishment & love.”


Chef Conscious Cooking

How does he stay balanced? My wife! Nicole is patient and kind and understanding. She helps inspire and develop those traits in me. She has been a huge influencer in a very large part of my life. At this point I have known her longer than I haven’t.

He’s most grateful for…? The Conscious Kitchen of course!! We attract the type of Cooks and Chefs that have our values. When you combine talent with a truly mindful outlook on what you are serving, Just Be Kitchen is the outcome.

Favorite part of our mission? Joy! Having joy in ones life is truly important. I find that at Just Be in the food I create, in my co-workers, and in the people that enjoy our cuisine.

Gobbles what menu item the most? That Burrito! A burrito is one of my favorite things in the world. Combine your favorite ingredients, put them all together and cover it with Green Chili….. come on!!

I want customers to know…..?  I want customers to know that we are striving to make food that, while healthy is key, doesn’t need to taste that way. Food has come a long way in the past 30 years; I want to keep it moving in the right direction.


Original Chef Collaborator & Top Chef Season 15 Contender

How does she stay balanced? Napping with my cat, Nancy; Cooking is genuinely my meditation, especially all alone with music!

What makes Chef Carrie happy? Nourishing others & watching people eat my food when they don’t know I’m watching

Favorite part of our mission? Responsible sourcing & delivering beautiful food at an affordable price

Favorite value? Joy & Courage – I love this job & I’m glad I had the courage to do it!

Gobbles what menu item the most? Duh. The MEEEAATTZZZA!