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The Art of Living Through Your Intuition: Build the Business of Your Dreams

Join Just BE Kitchen and Lauren Dailey to learn how to become more in tune with the guiding voice inside you in order to create the business and life of your dreams. Learn tips and tricks to hone in on your intuition and discover what it is that sets your soul on fire, so you can spread that mission with the world. You’ll also learn how your Soul’s Gifts are unique and exactly WHAT they are so you can access what it takes to grow your business from a place of Heart – the ultimate way you will never and can never “fail”.

Lauren is an Intuitive Soul Guide, Certified Master Energy Healer, and Spiritual Business Coach who helps creative visionaries bring their message to the world so they can truly live in freedom, abundance and bliss. Having spent years of her life living in and learning different cultures around the world, studying with spiritual guides, and growing her own business online – she teaches the art of living through your Intuition to become the highest and best version of yourself. She hosts group programs, sacred ceremonies, immersions, and self-study courses to help you uplift, transform, and enhance your current reality. While she’s not planning the next ceremony or Zooming with her clients, she loves dancing, hiking, soul time with friends, and painting. She currently resides in Denver with her fiancĂ© and 4 year old cat, Penny.

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