Navigating Chaos in Times of Stress

How do you greet each day? Are you someone who slams the alarm clock off and hits snooze several times before finally emerging from your bed only to still feel exhausted and unhappy or are you ready to start each new day with a sense of purpose and gratitude?

Establishing a positive morning routine helps you to be more like the 2nd option. A positive morning routine sets you up for a grounded, productive, meaningful, and focused day ahead. But sometimes figuring out what works for you can be difficult and working through all of the advice is overwhelming. Every person is different so a morning routine should reflect each person’s unique needs, abilities, and desires.

During this workshop, we will be applying a holistic wellness lens of spiritual, physical, and mental aspects to a morning routine. And it all can be done anywhere from 5 minutes to over an hour, you decide. We will look at a variety of techniques that you can choose from to build your own positive morning routine. You will leave the workshop knowing that you can control the next day and it won’t control you.

Guests at this event will receive a discount code to use on their Just BE Kitchen order.