If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It-Female Empowerment Panel

Join Just BE Kitchen and our hosts, Brook Berndt, Jennifer Peters and Natalie Levy to learn about how to truly BE empowered to chase your dreams and SUCCEED! Guests at this event will get a $5 discount code to use on their order from Just BE Kitchen.

*This event is virtual! So join us from the comfort of your own home!

About Brooke Berndt:

Brooke Berndt was a brick and mortar bar owner from 2002 to 2010 when her business was forced to close due to corporate redevelopment. After losing everything she worked hard for she went down a road of severe depression. Thankfully the next opportunity found her through looking for a health solution for her weight gain. In turn she found Network marketing and a company that aligned with her beliefs of integrity and making a true impact. After building a 6 figure business Brooke made the decision that she wanted to add more income streams to her portfolio. She helped her husband start their metal art business, Black Dog Metals, in the spring of 2019 and just acquired a Card My Yard franchise in June of this year.

Not only has Brooke faced much adversity in business but she also faced fertility challenges along the way. Her and her husband were in a 9 year wait in building their family, and after being led to do IVF with an egg donor. at the age of 45…Brooke and her husband welcomed their miracle baby boy August 13th. Brooke is a woman of faith and loves dreaming big with God.

About Natalie Levy:

Natalie Levy spent years working in male-dominated environments where she lacked mentorship but excelled through grit and passion. Following a family trauma in early 2019 she transitioned to a more fulfilling lifestyle and launched a business for womxn supporting community, mindset, and professional development. She is bootstrapping ShesIndependent.com as it evolves while sustaining herself through sales consulting work and personal investments.

Natalie has experience as a senior sales producer across bootstrapped businesses through to Series-C funded B2B tech companies. She ran deal sourcing for a San Francisco-based private equity investor focused around go-to-market optimizations and currently offers sales consulting services. She currently resides in Boulder, Colorado and runs ShesIndependent.com, a community for Womxn to invest in themselves with a focus on Mindset & Mentorship.

About Jennifer Peters:

Jennifer comes from a background of working in a corporate setting. Jennifer was searching for a way to close the gap between who she was and what she did. In fact, she wanted to fulfill her life’s purpose and fully stand in her light so others could do the same. And for her, that meant focusing on the joy that food can bring – not just any food, but truly nourishing & satisfying food. And she wanted to do this by creating a space of BElonging & connection so everyone could feel cared for, nourished & experience joy around food that is 100% gluten, grain, refined sugar and dairy free. This idea led her to creating and building her successful business, Just BE Kitchen, a restaurant that focuses on bringing joy to those who have dietary restrictions and preferences while feeding them mindful mouthfuls that leave them feeling fueled and satisfied.