Just BE Kitchen

2364 15th Street, Denver, CO 80202

Denver, CO, US, 80202

Bring your own mason jars to take home samples of Just BE’s fermentations!

Just BE Kitchen will host Kelly Haugh, Certified Wellness Coach, whom will touch on the following:

  • Demonstrate simple fermenting recipes that anyone can do to maximize their gut health. (Samples will be available for tasting.)
  • Share how she healed herself and her children’s gut-brain connection, the research that supports it and the simple things you can do to improve your own physical and mental wellness like she did.

Bring your own mason jars to take home samples of Just BE’s fermentations! This is included in the ticket price.


While newly married and leading a young, active, healthy life, Kelly Haugh experienced two car accidents leading to overwhelming stress, anxiety and gallbladder surgery, a long recovery period and debilitating all over body pain. It wrecked her emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Doctors prescribed multiple medications that didn’t resolve her problems and she could hardly even use a knife to cut vegetables. When a chiropractor recommended a test for MS or other auto-immune disease, she hit rock bottom. While struggling to find answers, a functional medicine chiropractor & neurology fellow helped turn her life around. Kelly has regained her life and health and is now a certified Wellness Coach. Kelly is also know as “the Gut Coach” and “the Fermenting Lady”. She teaches classes to help others with her proven system to avoid unnecessary suffering and get support and accountability to transform their gut health, mental health and quality of life.