Just BE Kitchen

2364 15th Street, Denver, CO 80202

Denver, CO, US, 80202

Full body workout, fun fitness & great people!

Come to Just BE Kitchen for a FREE workout and your chance to do some fun CrossFit moves incorporated with strength body work – you will have a great workout with honestly, some of the best coaches around! Come sweat and get more involved in the Vantage MOVEMENT – All attendees also get a free beer or glass of mimosa with entree!

Vantage Movement offers a variety of classes, meeting each member where THEY are in their fitness journey. The Vantage Body class is for those who love to use their body and train functional movements at high intensity. They will start the workout with a guided stretching session and movement specific warm-up that will focus on the muscle groups used during the workout. Part one of the workout will incorporate a strength movement, a power movement and a static hold. Following that with part two, a higher intensity workout that will be sure to get your body moving and everyone sweating!

No need to worry our their staff is trained for all levels of athletes so all ages and ability levels are welcome! NOTE: Some equipment may be used but as always body weight can be a great adjustments for everyone.

Learn more about Vantage Movement here: https://vantagemovement.com

Learn more about the coaching staff here: https://vantagemovement.com/coaches/

Please be sure to wear athletic clothing and athletic shoes. Don’t forget to bring a friend, a water bottle and a positive attitude!