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Alternative Healing Panel:Address the Trauma Housed in Your Body

Join Just BE Kitchen and hosts Dr. Missy, Dr. Mark, and Carol to learn about alternative healing modalities you can use to address trauma housed in the body, which could be making you sick! Now more than ever we are seeing a dramatic increase in chronic diseases, mental health, and sickness among children and adults. There are so many professionals in the field who are able to help address the root cause of these issues and help bring you back to the life you want to live.

Dr. Missy: Dr. Missy is a physical therapist who specializes in visceral manipulation. Visceral manipulation helps restore organ movement, helping the body optimize function and process emotions in a healthy way. When the brain is overloaded or under a lot of stress following a trauma or lifestyle choices, the organs tend to be the source of overflow. Because of the interconnectedness of the brain & organs, the organs help the brain process emotions. If the organs are unhealthy themselves, or unable to bear the emotional load, the emotions may be stored in the organs. This doesn’t allow the body to process and let go, creating a ripple effect of dysfunction throughout the body. In order for an organ to work well, it requires good movement.

Carol: Carol specializes in Iasis Micro-Current Neuro Feedback- a completely non-invasive protocol that can restore healthy patterns to the brain and the nervous system. Her thirty minute sessions are safe and relaxing. Over 85% of those receiving Iasis MCN report a reduction or an elimination of symptoms. And the changes are sustainable. Her results are not just anecdotal. There is now image based evidence of the effectiveness of the sessions-pre and post brain scans show the brain healing! In addition to symptom reduction and life improvement, her clients report improvement in overall focus and the ability to simply relax. Others enjoy overall improvement in performance— in work, school or athletics. Family members and friends are also positively affected as many of these issues have a ripple effect over those closest to us.

Mark: Mark is a 3rd generation chiropractor and has been practicing the art of the mind/body healing since 1987. He specializes in Network Spinal Analysis because it is a gentler, safer, and more comfortable way to get long lasting, highly effective results. So many people are struggling with the physical and mental effects of burnout with no answers on how to pull themselves out of it and get their lives back. Mark’s passion and calling now is to reignite the movers and shakers, the mid-life crisis execs, and entrepreneurs that have lost their passion from over working, over extending, over committing. You are still the amazing leader, CEO, trail blazer, forward thinker and entrepreneur. You just need to treat the cause and not the symptoms. Mark has created an advanced protocol and series of steps to regain energy, libido, purpose, drive and passion so you can make a difference again in this world.