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just be well: our membership program

MemBErship Has Its Benefits

Our community membership program: “Just BE Well!” comes with a lot of special BEnefits!   

With “Just BE Well” you receive free & discounted food, discounted educational & wellness courses, regular JBK recipes, invites to new menu tastings and more!

Members receive a monthly Membership BEnefit announcement with:

  • A JBK Recipe Every Month
  • A Free Dessert of the Month
  • 50% Discount on Select Wellness Events
  • 25% Discount on Just BE Kitchen Online Health Programs & Cooking Classes
  • Member Specific Discounts on Special Event Boxes
  • Exclusive wellness/nutrition content only for members on latest health trends
  • Automatic Invite to New Menu Tastings 2x/year
  • Catering Discounts
  • Discounted Gift Cards
  • Loyalty Reward Increase* (*must be a reward member)
  • Member Exclusive Promos & Surprises Throughout the Year!

questions about membership? 

Check out our FAQs BElow & our Membership Overview Page!

Membership FAQ's

How much does it cost?
The Just BE Well Membership costs $16.99/month – a steal for all of the goodies and benefits listed above! 

Why do we want to launch a membership program at Just BE Kitchen?

The answer is simple – we want the opportunity to expand further into our greater vision of BEing a wellness company & we want to harness this amazing community that we have – YOU. Food will always be at the core of what we do. We want our members to have a place to find community, gain access to educational programs, take classes, get discounts and more.

How long am I locked in for?

You can cancel at anytime – no hidden fees or lock-ins. 

Is the Just BE Well Membership specific for one location?

Nope! You can use your monthly member benefits at either location. 

How often do BEnefits come out? 

A monthly benefit announcement comes out and has all the specials, promo’s and freebies for the month in that announcement! BE sure to keep a look out for all the goodies!