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We wanted to close the gap between who we are & what we do. So we created the first gluten, grain & refined-sugar free fast casual chain.

Pretty cool, eh? 

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CEO & Co-Chief Foodie Officer

  • How does she stay balanced? Journaling, spending time with fur babies & CrossFit
  • She’s most grateful for…? The funny way life works that leads you to exactly where you need to be today
  • Favorite part of our mission? Surprising people with fantastic tasting, conscious food & caring for people
  • Favorite value? Integrity. It’s at the heart of all we do.
  • Gobbles what menu item the most? Omg. The MEEEAATTZZZA!


Sous Chef

  • How does she stay balanced? Listening to music. Through music I can escape to many different places. It calms and relaxes me.
  • What makes Chef Britt happy? Providing for my family makes me happy. Being able to give them memories from family trips that we take makes me happy. Seeing them happy makes me happy.
  • Favorite part of our mission? That I get to do what I love while helping people eat healthy – our “Mindful Mouthfuls.” It’s so much more than just eating to us, and I’m glad I get to give such amazing people something they haven’t had it years, like a tortilla or a bun.
  • Favorite value? My favorite value is Freedom. I think it’s very important to live a life where you can BE who you want to be, to feel who you are. Regardless of stereotypes play into. When we are free to be who want, we have the power to strive in ways we never thought imaginable.
  • Gobbles what menu item the most? Crave – our grass-fed burger. The cheddar wiz is an amazing play and the bacon jam puts it over the top! And it wouldn’t be the same without the pickled red onions & awesome GF bun! This is the best paleo burger around!!



Menu Developer

  • How does she stay balanced? Napping with my cat, Nancy; Cooking is genuinely my meditation, especially all alone with music!
  • What makes Chef Carrie happy? Nourishing others & watching people eat my food when they don’t know I’m watching
  • Favorite part of our mission? Responsible sourcing & delivering beautiful food at an affordable price
  • Favorite value? Joy & Courage – I love this job & I’m glad I had the courage to do it!
  • Gobbles what menu item the most? Duh. The MEEEAATTZZZA!

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