Just BE...A Strong Team

We wanted to close the gap between who we are & what we do. So we created the first gluten, grain & refined-sugar free fast casual chain.

Pretty cool, eh? 

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CEO & Co-Chief Foodie Officer

  • How does she stay balanced? Journaling, spending time with fur babies & CrossFit/CycleBar and the mountains for hiking!
  • She’s most grateful for…? The funny way life works that leads you to exactly where you need to be today
  • Favorite part of our mission? BEing able to offer a space for connection & care for our guests
  • Favorite value? Integrity. It’s a must. And it’s sexy.
  • Gobbles what menu item the most? Omg – this is hard. I love the Enchanted seasonal salad & Wowed chicken sandwich currently!!
  • I want customers to know…”That it is a deep desire inside me to make Just BE a place of connection, nourishment & love.”




Chef Conscious Cooking

  • How does he stay balanced? My wife! Nicole is patient and kind and understanding. She helps inspire and develop those traits in me. She has been a huge influencer in a very large part of my life. At this point I have known her longer than I haven’t.
  • He’s most grateful for…? The Conscious Kitchen of course!! We attract the type of Cooks and Chefs that have our values. When you combine talent with a truly mindful outlook on what you are serving, Just Be Kitchen is the outcome.
  • Favorite part of our mission? Joy! Having joy in ones life is truly important. I find that at Just Be in the food I create, in my co-workers, and in the people that enjoy our cuisine.
  • Gobbles what menu item the most? That Burrito! A burrito is one of my favorite things in the world. Combine your favorite ingredients, put them all together and cover it with Green Chili….. come on!!
  • I want customers to know…..?  I want customers to know that we are striving to make food that, while healthy is key, doesn’t need to taste that way. Food has come a long way in the past 30 years; I want to keep it moving in the right direction.



Original Chef Collaborator & Top Chef Season 15 Contender

  • How does she stay balanced? Napping with my cat, Nancy; Cooking is genuinely my meditation, especially all alone with music!
  • What makes Chef Carrie happy? Nourishing others & watching people eat my food when they don’t know I’m watching
  • Favorite part of our mission? Responsible sourcing & delivering beautiful food at an affordable price
  • Favorite value? Joy & Courage – I love this job & I’m glad I had the courage to do it!
  • Gobbles what menu item the most? Duh. The MEEEAATTZZZA!

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